Baxi Combi Boiler Fault Code 270

Hi All,

I need help from your people regarding a 270-error code, which is displaying on my six years old Baxi combi boiler since last few days. What does this error code means & how it can be fixed?

Your help will be highly appreciated


Hi Lewis,

The error code 270 on the Baxi combi boiler deals with the dry fire. It happens when your boiler continues to work without the required water & when there is a constraint on water circulation. In this case, your boiler will lockout because, if the boiler continued to work, it will damage the important parts like the heat exchanger. However, if your boiler is losing pressure as well along with this fault code, then there is another issue at hand, i.e. the boiler is leaking. For finding & fixing the leak, it is better to call a boiler engineer.