Baxi Duo Combi boiler faulty thermostat

Hello Guys,

My Baxi Duo combi boiler is five years old. I am happy and satisfied customer since long. However now, the boiler is not working as well as it should be. The problem deals with the boiler’s thermostat, as it is not interacting with the boiler. After getting some help from my friends, I have tried my best to pair the thermostat with the Baxi Duo combi boiler by pressing a switch on it but unfortunately, but in vain. What should I do in this scenario?



Hi Ray,

Your actual problem is of a faulty thermostat, as it is not interacting with the boiler. Sometimes, very old thermostats get worse as time went by & because of this, you can encounter some issues with the boiler’s central heating system. Before calling a boiler engineer, it is recommended to check the below mentioned things:

  • The most important thing you have to check is the power supply of your boiler
  • Secondly, do check the setting of the boiler’s clock and thermostat timer
  • Finally, you have to change the settings of the thermostat once a thermostat clock/timer goes either backward or forward.