Baxi HE Combi boiler sludge buildup

Hi Guys,

I need help & suggestions from you Guys regarding my four years old Baxi HE combi boiler. The boiler worked quite well until last night but now it failed to respond. Unfortunately, the boiler’s user manual has nowhere to be found. Apart from this, I can hear some weird banging sounds coming directly from the boiler. What exactly the problem is?



Hi Brain, after analyzing the information, which is provided by you, I would like to say that the boiler’s central system is choked badly because of the sludge buildup. This issue is very common in old Baxi combi boilers that is why do not worry. As this muddy liquid goes through this central heating system, it deposits all these dirt/dust particles. You can rectify the problem of sludge buildup by fixing the magnetic sludge filters & the scale reducers but with the help of a professional boiler engineer.