Baxi Solo 2PF boiler error code 166


I have installed the Baxi Solo 2PF boiler two years ago. Everything related to this boiler worked well until last night. Now, the boiler is showing a 2PF error code whenever I switch it on. Kindly guide me what should I do to make the boiler work again?

Thank you so much for your help


Hi Alex,

Your problem deals with the boiler’s air pressure switch. I guess an urgent replacement is required; however, several tests have to be run to confirm that what the matter is? With the help of the multimeter, the boiler engineer will directly test an air pressure switch to confirm that it has the power. In case, it has not then, there is a possibility that loose wiring or connections are the culprits. Well, before replacing this switch, it is extremely important that the boiler engineer should find out what triggered the problem.