Baxi Combi Boilers

Welcome to the website where you can find out all information with respect to Baxi Combi Boilers.  We have information on all ages of Baxi boilers and can help you if you own a boiler and require fault finding / repairs information or if you are on the market for a new replacement efficient boiler.

Baxi, is a very well known British boiler system manufacturer that can offer you a wide range of boilers for your central heating and hot water service requirements.  The best know Baxi boilers of the existing ranges are the Baxi Solo 2, Baxi Solo 3 and Baxi Combi 105e.  The newer boilers offer by Baxi are the EcoBlue, MainEco, Duo-tec and Platinum, which are offered as Combi, System and Heat only.   These types of boilers are ultra efficient, light weight and provided simple, reliable low price heating. The Platinum system from Baxi is the prime cut of their range and of course is the top choice as the system is high quality, reliable, efficient and so simple to install. Furthermore this system will be allot cheaper in maintenance. Typically, poor quality is associated with cheap price, however this is normal for other boiler brands.  If you need replacement parts you can check out our parts lists and tables.


Selecting a Baxi

Your choice of Baxi Boiler boiler is really dependent on the house or flat you are heating, the amount of rooms and insulation type.  Even the dwelling age is important and this can affect the system design setup and quantity of radiators required.  For apartments, flats and studios the floor you are situated on counts as you may be getting residual heat from your neighbours.  Do you have or intend to have storage radiators or convector fin radiators?  These are many of the questions you need to answer when choosing your Baxi Combi Boiler.

Typical problems

Like all boiler manufacturers Baxi Boilers experience typical and common boiler problems. The Baxi Solo 2, Baxi Solo 3 and Baxi Solo HE all have problems with sticking flow metres, faulty PCBs, water leaks and faulty flue fans.  You will also experience other problems such as seals leaking, blockages in the heat exchanger, faulty diverter valves and defective pressure sensors.  All boiler systems require you to release trapped air at the highest point in the system.  You can do this by bleeding the radiator.

Warning!!! Any gas related problems must be solved by a boiler specialist who has the proper qualifications and experience and is GAS safe registered. Please remember it is a criminal offence to work on a gas appliance if you are not qualified to do so.


With the help of our troubleshooting manual you can diagnose any fault with your Baxi Combi Boiler.  Never repair faulty parts as they will most likely fail again and are simple and cheap to replace.  Always check if your boiler remains in Warranty, why fix it when the manufacturer should fix it for FREE!   If you need any further details or help for common Baxi Combi Boiler problems please check out our FAQ page.

To conclude, for a very high quality, lightweight and efficient boiler your choice should be a Baxi!