Baxi Duo Combi boiler’s pilot light turns off repeatedly

Hi Everyone,

I need advice on an issue that just started tonight. My two years old Baxi Duo combi boiler was working fine but, suddenly I have noticed that all the radiators became cold. When I checked the different lights on the boiler, I saw that the pilot flame and burner light was out. Then, almost after ten minutes, the pilot flame came back but just for a minute. I am unable to know the actual reason behind it. Someone please help me

Looking for help


Well George, it could be due to the number of factors such as ASD, Solenoid, Gas valve, thermocouple etc. You will need the help of a skilled boiler engineer, as he will identify the actual cause after testing each component.


Baxi Solo boiler 160 error code

Hello Folks,

My three-years old Baxi Solo boiler is displaying a 160-error code from last two days. What is the matter? I have restarted the boiler but the problem persists.



Hi Ann,

According to this error code, your boiler is having a problem with the fan. Unluckily, there are no details attached with this error code, so it is better to call a boiler engineer and ask him to run some tests for finding the exact issue. He will check the fan bearings, multi-plug, wiring harness and PCB. In case, he will get to know that the fan is fault after completing the required tests then, the only way out is fan replacement.

Baxi HE Combi boiler sludge buildup

Hi Guys,

I need help & suggestions from you Guys regarding my four years old Baxi HE combi boiler. The boiler worked quite well until last night but now it failed to respond. Unfortunately, the boiler’s user manual has nowhere to be found. Apart from this, I can hear some weird banging sounds coming directly from the boiler. What exactly the problem is?



Hi Brain, after analyzing the information, which is provided by you, I would like to say that the boiler’s central system is choked badly because of the sludge buildup. This issue is very common in old Baxi combi boilers that is why do not worry. As this muddy liquid goes through this central heating system, it deposits all these dirt/dust particles. You can rectify the problem of sludge buildup by fixing the magnetic sludge filters & the scale reducers but with the help of a professional boiler engineer.

Baxi Combi Boiler Fault Code 270

Hi All,

I need help from your people regarding a 270-error code, which is displaying on my six years old Baxi combi boiler since last few days. What does this error code means & how it can be fixed?

Your help will be highly appreciated


Hi Lewis,

The error code 270 on the Baxi combi boiler deals with the dry fire. It happens when your boiler continues to work without the required water & when there is a constraint on water circulation. In this case, your boiler will lockout because, if the boiler continued to work, it will damage the important parts like the heat exchanger. However, if your boiler is losing pressure as well along with this fault code, then there is another issue at hand, i.e. the boiler is leaking. For finding & fixing the leak, it is better to call a boiler engineer.

Baxi HE Combi boiler gas valve is faulty

Hello Everybody,

My four years old Baxi HE combi boiler has developed a serious problem so, someone please help me to rectify it. Whenever, I turn on the boiler, I do not get the gas. From last three days, I am trying to fix it but unfortunately, the problem persists. So help me by giving your valuable suggestions.

Thanks in Advance


Hi David,

The gas valve on your boiler is responsible for controlling the required gas flow especially to your Baxi boiler’s gas jet & pilot light. However, at times the gas valve becomes faulty & due to this reason, failed to perform well when the below mentioned parts of the boiler do not work properly.

  • Failure of the PCB
  • Seized or trapped
  • Problem with the wirings or connections
  • Broken-down unit

Do contact a proficient boiler engineer & ask him to check the gas valve in detail to confirm that either it needs replacement or not.

Baxi Solo 2PF boiler error code 166


I have installed the Baxi Solo 2PF boiler two years ago. Everything related to this boiler worked well until last night. Now, the boiler is showing a 2PF error code whenever I switch it on. Kindly guide me what should I do to make the boiler work again?

Thank you so much for your help


Hi Alex,

Your problem deals with the boiler’s air pressure switch. I guess an urgent replacement is required; however, several tests have to be run to confirm that what the matter is? With the help of the multimeter, the boiler engineer will directly test an air pressure switch to confirm that it has the power. In case, it has not then, there is a possibility that loose wiring or connections are the culprits. Well, before replacing this switch, it is extremely important that the boiler engineer should find out what triggered the problem.

Baxi 100e Combi boiler switches off repeatedly

Hello Folks,

My Baxi 100e Combi boiler is switching itself off repeatedly like after every five-six minutes. The most important thing to consider is that I bought the boiler one year ago. I have restarted the boiler many times but no success. What should be done for rectifying the problem?



Hi Paul, normally this problem arises due to the three below-mentioned common reasons such as:

  • Your Baxi boiler is dripping
  • I would advise checking the boiler’s pressure relief controller because; you can face this issue when it is damaged or broken. Try to replace it immediately after getting help from the boiler engineer, if this is a case.
  • Apart from all this, another challenging thing is a broken thermostat, as because of this, the Baxi boiler cannot identify the temperature of the water. On the other hand, your boiler will keep switching itself off repeatedly, to prevent it from overheating.

Baxi Solo boiler fault code 433

Hi Everybody,

My three years old Baxi solo boiler is constantly showing a fault code i.e. 433. It is quite irritating as due to this, the boiler is not working & I am unable to take shower or do my household chores. Has someone faced this issue? If yes then, please tell me that what should I do?

Thanks for the suggestions


Hi Adam,

According to the Baxi solo boiler’s user manual, you are having an issue with your boiler’s heat exchanger. When the heat exchanger reaches beyond the certain temperature i.e. 95 degrees, PCB notices that there is a potential problem & eventually locks out. The major reason behind this issue is sludge & limescale buildup. The ultimate cure is to contact an expert boiler engineer.

Baxi Duo Combi boiler faulty thermostat

Hello Guys,

My Baxi Duo combi boiler is five years old. I am happy and satisfied customer since long. However now, the boiler is not working as well as it should be. The problem deals with the boiler’s thermostat, as it is not interacting with the boiler. After getting some help from my friends, I have tried my best to pair the thermostat with the Baxi Duo combi boiler by pressing a switch on it but unfortunately, but in vain. What should I do in this scenario?



Hi Ray,

Your actual problem is of a faulty thermostat, as it is not interacting with the boiler. Sometimes, very old thermostats get worse as time went by & because of this, you can encounter some issues with the boiler’s central heating system. Before calling a boiler engineer, it is recommended to check the below mentioned things:

  • The most important thing you have to check is the power supply of your boiler
  • Secondly, do check the setting of the boiler’s clock and thermostat timer
  • Finally, you have to change the settings of the thermostat once a thermostat clock/timer goes either backward or forward.  

Baxi Combi boiler error code 111

Hi All,

My newly bought and installed Baxi combi boiler is showing a 111-error code from last night. I have tried to fix it but all in vain. I am extremely worried due to this problem as my boiler is just three or four months old. Someone please help me on urgent basis.

Thanks a lot


Hi James,

According to the Baxi combi boiler’s user manual, this error code deals with the high flow temperature. I would like to mention that flow is a pipe, which takes all the hot water directly from the boiler, to be easily pumped around your boiler’s heating system. Afterwards it returns to your boiler all set to be re-circulated and reheated through the return. Once it returns, it is going to be extremely cool. Well, there are some possibilities considering what is causing this issue? It could be due to limescale buildup, circulation fault and sensing problem with the NTC thermistor or PCB. I would advise contacting the proficient boiler engineer for additional help.