Baxi Combi boiler error code 111

Hi All,

My newly bought and installed Baxi combi boiler is showing a 111-error code from last night. I have tried to fix it but all in vain. I am extremely worried due to this problem as my boiler is just three or four months old. Someone please help me on urgent basis.

Thanks a lot


Hi James,

According to the Baxi combi boiler’s user manual, this error code deals with the high flow temperature. I would like to mention that flow is a pipe, which takes all the hot water directly from the boiler, to be easily pumped around your boiler’s heating system. Afterwards it returns to your boiler all set to be re-circulated and reheated through the return. Once it returns, it is going to be extremely cool. Well, there are some possibilities considering what is causing this issue? It could be due to limescale buildup, circulation fault and sensing problem with the NTC thermistor or PCB. I would advise contacting the proficient boiler engineer for additional help.