Baxi HE Combi boiler gas valve is faulty

Hello Everybody,

My four years old Baxi HE combi boiler has developed a serious problem so, someone please help me to rectify it. Whenever, I turn on the boiler, I do not get the gas. From last three days, I am trying to fix it but unfortunately, the problem persists. So help me by giving your valuable suggestions.

Thanks in Advance


Hi David,

The gas valve on your boiler is responsible for controlling the required gas flow especially to your Baxi boiler’s gas jet & pilot light. However, at times the gas valve becomes faulty & due to this reason, failed to perform well when the below mentioned parts of the boiler do not work properly.

  • Failure of the PCB
  • Seized or trapped
  • Problem with the wirings or connections
  • Broken-down unit

Do contact a proficient boiler engineer & ask him to check the gas valve in detail to confirm that either it needs replacement or not.