Baxi Solo 2PF Boiler Frequently Lockouts

Hello Everyone,

My Baxi solo 1PF boiler is facing frequent lockouts on daily basis. I have tried to figure out the root cause with the help of user manual but still, not succeeded. Any idea what is the matter?

Thank you so much


Hi Tom,

A culprit behind this fault is a lack of required pressure. If the boiler is set extremely low then the standard pressure then, it will not work properly. You can top up the desired pressure by using a filling loop. After topping up the pressure, you have to reset your boiler. You can see a red color button on your boiler. Do press this button to reset your boiler. Apart from thus you can check for the leaks in following parts of the boiler.

  • Radiator valve
  • Pipework
  • Radiators
  • Expansion vessel
  • Towel rails

Baxi Combi Boiler no Central Heating

Hi Folks,

My Baxi combi boiler working fine but there is no central heating. Someone, please provide me with the relevant information on this issue.



Hi Jen,

If your Baxi boiler is working properly but all the radiators are cool then, the possible reasons are as follows:

  • Do check the pump. Sometimes faulty pump creates this issue
  • Faulty timer or thermostat
  • Air trapped in the boiler’s heating system

You can resolve the issue by simply following these steps:

  • Bleed the radiators
  • Bleed the boiler’s circulating pump
  • Top up the boiler’s central heating
  • Balance the radiators
  • Repeat the process of bleeding
  • Drain & refill the system

Baxi HE Combi Boiler Banging Noises

Hello All,

I am hearing some strange banging noises from my six years old Baxi HE combi boiler since yesterday. I would like to share that these banging noises are not constant. I only hear these noises when my boiler cycles on & off. What should I do?



Hi Ben, the common reason relating to banging noises on the Baxi HE boilers is usually a broken burner. When burner breaks, sometimes boiler will display an error code 128. Generally, this problem is more common when the Baxi HE boiler gets to be six years old. As you said your boiler is six years old then, it is better & more economical for you to replace your boiler. However, do call a competent engineer in order to check the boiler thoroughly before going for the replacement.

Baxi Combi Boiler Incorrect Water Temperature


My Baxi combi boiler is facing an issue of incorrect water temperature. What could be the possible reason behind it & how I can fix it immediately? Any help would be highly appreciated.



Hi Lisa, I think the basic reasons behind it is an incorrect rate of gas or the water section of the boiler is faulty or sticking. You can do the following things in order to get it fixed:

  • In case of the incorrect rate of gas, check the current gas supply to your boiler’s gas isolation controller, open it & now Check the boiler’s inlet pressure & burner pressure,
  • If water section is faulty or sticking then, clean or even replace it if required

Follow these steps hopefully; you will sort it out easily

Baxi Sole 15he Combi Boiler Heating Control Issue

Hi Guys,

I am having issues with my boiler’s heating control. When the heating lights and hot water are on, in order to turn on the boiler nothing happens. A few hours ago boiler was working fine on just timed settings. However, now it is not working even in the timed settings. Should I get a new heating control?



Firstly, you should check the diverter valve of the boiler. Boiler & pump have to be wired together properly on a sole therefore, you have to check if the diverter valve is sending required power to them or not. You can call a qualified Baxi boiler engineer to check the diverter valve.

Baxi 100e Combi Boiler not igniting


My Baxi 100e combi boiler is not igniting since morning. It is just three years old & under warranty. I have tried all the possible things in order to ignite it but all in vain. Now I need guidance on this matter or should I buy a new one?

Thanks a lot


Hi Paul, do not worry, as it is common problem in Baxi 100e combi boilers. Sometimes, the boiler does not ignite due to faulty chamber seal. I would recommend you to check the chamber seals, in case chamber seals are worn out or split, then please replace them as soon as possible with the help of a certified gas engineer. I guess there is no need to buy a new boiler as replacing the chamber seals will work.

Baxi Combi Boiler E168


My Baxi combi boiler is constantly showing an Error code 168. I have tried to fix it but unable to find the exact reason. Therefore, I am here to seek help on this matter.



Hi Tom,

An error code 168 indicates the number of things, which are wrong with your boiler. Generally, E168 is reporting on four problem-creating areas. It could also mean that boiler has identified an issue but cannot work out correctly what it is, either because you have reset your boiler after developing an error or because there has been another external problem such as inadequate electrical supply. Four common reasons are:

  • PCB has developed a problem
  • Various components of the boilers are not working
  • Main supply has been irregular or interrupted &
  • The boiler has been reporting some other codes earlier

Baxi Solo Boiler’s Pump is Running Continuously

Hi Everyone,

I am worried due to a weird issue, which my three years old Baxi Solo boiler is facing nowadays. In short, the pump attached to the Baxi solo boiler runs continuously. Is it something serious?

Looking for help



Hi Anthony

Hello Antony, it is a very common issue in the majority of the Baxi Solo 2 & Solo 3 boilers. Mostly, the circulating pump, connected to your boiler run directly from the circuit board of boiler to allow the pump to run for few minutes once the heating demand ends in order to remove extra heat from a heat exchanger. However, in your case, a boiler is continuously sending power to the pump. The boiler fires up & shuts down itself generally on request but the fault normally becomes obvious when you feel uncomfortable because of pump sound throughout the night. You can resolve this fault by changing the circuit board of your boiler.

Baxi Combi Boiler no Heating/ Hot Water


My one-year-old Baxi combi boiler is not providing me with the hot water. I would like to share that I only get the hot water when I turn on the tap slowly; ultimately, the heating stopped working completely. I also experienced loud hissing sounds from the boiler. After bleeding the radiators, it worked well for two days but again I am facing the same problem. How can I get the hot water again?



Hi Kurtis

I think your boiler needs proper and immediate power flushing. Sometimes sludge causes poor circulation that is why you hear the loud hissing noises from your boiler. However, apart from this, it is a shower, which develops a fault with non-return controllers in the boiler permitting cold water to flow via shower & towards a hot water tap while faulting. You have to feel the pipe under your boiler. I would suggest you checking the pipe as it is getting as hot as the display shows. It not then, it is likely boiler has an external mix/shower fault.

I hope that this information will help you to sort out the problem.

Baxi Duo Combi Boiler E119 Fault

Hello All,

I have installed my Baxi Duo combi boiler four years ago. Everything was working fine but from last two days boiler is showing an E119 error code. What should I do to resolve this issue?

Thanks a lot in advance


Hi Mark,

Hi, according to the Baxi Duo combi boiler’s user manual E119 indicates low water pressure. You can solve this problem easily at home by simply re-pressurizing your boiler. Firstly, switch down the thermostat to low because by doing so thermostat will not call for heating. Now, re-pressurize your boiler to 1.5 bar & afterwards turn off its flow & return controllers under the boiler. The standard operating pressure of water is between 1 & 0.2 bar. In case, the water pressure goes beyond 3 bar, all the safety pressure controller will operate & error code/fault is shown.