Baxi Solo HE starts but then shuts down after a minute


My Baxi Solo HE starts up runs and then shuts down after a minute or two with a fault. Does anyone know what the issue is?



Hi Frank,

The Baxi Solo HE often has a flow switch failure causing the system to shutdown all the time. The flowswitch is bolted to the heat exchanger and the casing bolts are often seized making retrieval and replacement difficult.

Baxi Solo HE Water Leaking


My Baxi Solo HE is leaking water from the boiler casing. I have taken the casing off but cannot locate where the water is dripping from. Please help. Thanks


HI Bert,

This is a common water leaking issue for the Baxi Solo HE. The water is leaking at the joint of the manifold and heat exchanger. Although the joint has an o-ring seal, the seal is usually fine but the seal housing is corroded. Due to dissimilar metals (aluminium and cast iron) the aluminum corrodes over time. The only fix is to replace the manifold. Remember the bolts holding the manifold are probably seized as well and could fail when removing the manifold. To be honest this is a big job.

Baxi Solo 2 Flue Fan not working


I have an issue with my Baxi Solo where the flue fan has stopped working. How would I go about fixing this?



Hi Tom,

A flue fan fault is pretty common with the Baxi Solo 2 and 3 models. You can check if it is the fan by using a multimeter, whereby you should see 24V AC at the terminals. The fan is obviously not turning but still has power. You can replace the fan by removing the combustion chamber front panel to give you clear access to the fan assembly and housing.

Baxi Solo 3 is not running at all


My Baxi Solo 3 has stopped working completely. I think it might be the PCB but I am unsure. Any help would be appreciated.



HI Susan,

The Baxi Solo 3 models do suffer PCB problems from time to time due to their fragility. The PCBs often get a fault with spark failure, flame detection failure. Baxi solo PCB faults are very common.

60 Degree Error Light on my Baxi 105e


I am getting a 60 error with my Baxi 105e. I have replaced the AAV on the pump system and it worked for a while but the fault came back. Pressure is good at 1.5BAR. Any ideas?



Hi Doug,

Have you checked for air in the system? Also the 105e models often have an issue where the pump flow switch sticks. Check these ideals and let me know if they worked (or not).

Baxi 105e Flame Failure


My Baxi 105e has a flame failure fault. I heard this is a common Baxi 105e fault. When I switch the boiler on I get a Flame Failure alarm. Thanks Bryan

HI Bryan,

THis is a common fault with the Baxi 105e boilers. The problem can be a range of issues such as thermostat, hot water microswitch, flow microswitch, primary temperature sensor, fan or PCB. I would suggest calling a qualified boiler engineer to diagnose this issue.